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Protected Tree List for London

Cut down trees

What most of us value is a good environment with all the protections in place for us to maintain it.

The East London Garden Society became aware of how a local authority can cut down protected trees without sanction, so we asked all London boroughs for a list of the protected trees within their borough and the species.

Many trees, whether veteran or with protected status, should be listed to provide additional protection. A protected tree is only as good as the local authority wishes it to be.

The exercise is not yet complete and we hope to provide a full synopsis by the end of September 2020. However, we have already found there are stark divisions between the boroughs. For example, Enfield stated they did not count them and didn’t know the species, but we could request copies of Tree Preservation Orders if we undertook this work ourselves, for which a charge is levied.

Bromley, stated they had so many trees that they do not list them, nor do they know the species. In contrast, other boroughs have given a full and comprehensive report on all their protected trees. This shows how differently individual London boroughs manage their environment. Leaving it to others is not the way to proceed if we wish to protect our it.

Remember, these trees are supposed to be protected. If there is no listing or a record of the species, how can they be protected?

The following Boroughs have provided their information. See if trees in your street are included.


If not, please let us know by completing this form.

Barking & Dagenham.
Tree Preservation Orders
Tree Preservation Orders
TPO Supporting Information
Information recorded but not available in a reportable format.
Does not have a register for ancient and veteran trees.
Due to the number of trees, details of each is not recorded or the species.
No up to date records are kept of TPOs or species of tree.
City of London
Tree Preservation Orders On left hand menu, scroll down to Historic Environment and select Protected Trees.
Tree Preservation Orders
Unable to provide information on TPOs
Tree Preservation Orders The species are not recorded.
The TPOs in the Borough can be viewed on this map
From the left-hand menu, select 'Environment and Planning', ‘Tree Preservation Orders’ and tick the 'Tree Preservation Orders' checkbox to show the TPO locations on the map. Click the property marked by the yellow dot to open the TPO information.
Hammersmith and Fulham
Information on TPOs not held.
Tree Preservation Orders. To see a specific TPO search on Tree Preservation Order Search
Tree Preservation Orders
The TPOs in the Borough can be viewed on this map
For a copy of the required TPO enter the property/site address in the location box at the top of the map, go to Legend, select ‘Tree Preservation Order’ and a pushpin will indicate the desired property. Click the property marked by the pin and open the TPO link.
Map of protected trees and Tree Preservation Orders
Records are not kept if the tree is ancient or veteran in conservation areas or of the species of all trees in the conservation areas. Records are retained of TPO trees but the number of TPO protected ancient or veteran trees cannot be provided, or the tree species.
Abbotsbury Close to Aubrey Walk
Eardley Crescent to Exmoor Street
Ladbroke Crescent to Lower Sloane Street
St Albans Grove to Sydney Street
Tree preservation orders
Tree Preservation Orders
Does not have a register for ancient and veteran trees.
Tree preservation orders
Tree preservation orders
Tree preservation orders
See TPO Zones and Trees map and select 'TPO zones and trees' option on right-hand menu to view the information you require.
Tree preservation orders
Tree preservation orders
There are approximately 40,000 or more Protected Trees in the Borough. The trees in Conservation Areas with Woodland TPO's and Area TPO's are not listed individually. 
Ancient and veteran trees on land in private gardens:
TPO 439 Manor Fields – Sweet Chestnut
TPO 440 Wildcroft Manor – Sweet Chestnut
TPO 441 Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability West Hill – Oak
TPO 442 10 Daleside Road (rear) - Oak
Ancient and veteran trees on land in Council ownership:
Battersea Park - Black Walnut
Strawberry tree
Tooting common - Dr Johnson Avenue - Oak
Lido - Oak
Alton estate - London Plane
Lucombe Oak
Details of these Tree Preservation Orders can also be found on the Councils GIS map.
Administer 705 Tree Preservation Orders, many of which protect multiple trees. Data on the total number or species of trees protected is not held as many of the Orders contain areas of trees which are simply classed as ‘any tree of whatever species’. Tree Preservation Orders do not record the age of trees, so which trees are classed as ancient or veteran is not recorded.