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A Tree Manifesto

Tree Manifesto
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There is a belief that in order to combat the negative advances of progress there should be certain conditions that all should abide when development occurs. The environment must be of prime importance in any advancement.

Therefore, out for discussion, is what we can do to protect the environment. Here is the beginning; a Tree Manifesto.

  1. There must be an impact report on all that is lost on developments where urban green space is to be developed.
  2. There must be adherence to protection orders on all developments where ecology and the local environment have such protection.
  3. There must be no developments on urban green space areas where consideration of any measure of protection is being considered, or to be considered.
  4. When developments on green urban space is to be determined the community must have the final say on how they themselves will be impacted. i.e. loss of amenities, etc.
  5. At all times there must be either an amelioration statement or a made good statement from the developers as to how they will regain what is to be lost.
  6. The planning department of the local authority must consider the local environment in accordance with a ‘Climate Emergency’ for all developments within its remit area.