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A Tree Manifesto

Tree Manifesto
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There is a belief that in order to combat the negative advances of progress there should be certain conditions that all should abide when development occurs. The environment must be of prime importance in any advancement.

Therefore, out for discussion, is what we can do to protect the environment. Here is the beginning; a Tree Manifesto.

  1. Developers should provide an impact report when green space is lost due to development in green urban areas. The report should be publicly available to residents at no charge.
  2. Protection orders within the local environment and ecology must be strictly adhered to.
  3. There must be no development in green space urban areas with existing or potential consideration for protection.
  4. During new development planning facilities for green urban spaces must be included and the community must have a final say in relation to the loss of green space.
  5. Developers must provide an enhancement plan to compensate for the loss of green spaces.
  6. The Planning Department of the local authority must consider the local environment in accordance with 'A Climate Emergency' for all developments.
  7. The local community must have a say where new development is threatening the loss of green space, which is not already protected.
  8. Trees should be given special status owing to their amenity value in accordance with The Arboricultural Association and Helliwell system.