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The Voice - October 2020

Comment by Geoff

Geoff Juden

The worrying situation the world is now seeing with Covid-19 is challenging and what many people have been asking is how do we foresee a better future for all of us. The answer is complex and for that reason not everyone will agree.

However, we can all agree on one way forward as part of the solution. Gardening is a way in which we can all help protect the local environment, whether we tend our own garden or support a larger garden to ensure less pollution. Getting back to nature and having a better understanding of our world, is a must.

If you value having someone campaign on your behalf to protect the environment and having access to useful articles about gardening and local environmental matters, please make a donation to help us with the cost of maintaining The East London Garden Society.

Heritage Seeds


Much of the heritage of our plants has been eradicated. However, there is now a view that heritage seeds need to be used, as well as protected. 

Since the industrialisation of farming methods our heritage of plants seem to have largely disappeared. There are concerns which deal only in heritage seeds/plants, readily found on the internet. Read More

The Worshipful Company of Gardeners

The East London Garden Society welcomes members of The Worshipful Company of Gardeners to readership of The Voice.

The Guild was incorporated by Royal Charter in 1605 having been a survivor from the medieval craft guilds which exercised control over the practice of their particular crafts and ensured a proper training through the system of apprenticeship.

Tomato Ailments

If you’ve had or are having issues with your tomatoes, this information will be helpful. It is important to identify and treat the common ailments of tomato plants. Read More

Protected Trees

Felled trees

The East London Garden Society has been requesting each London borough to provide a list of protected trees within their borough and show the number within each location, and their species

We have found there is a vast difference amongst the boroughs on how each local authority informs the public about their protected trees. See the ‘Protected Tree List for London’ for the replies received.

For example, Hammersmith & Fulham have replied saying, "We have so many trees we do not list or note the species". Islington provided a similar response as did Bromley. Four boroughs have failed to reply to our Freedom of Information request.

These boroughs are not following Government legislation that applies to protected tree status. It therefore appears that many local authorities in London, and possibly countrywide, do not comply with current legislation.

Under the legislation every authority must keep a register of the protected trees which must be open to the public during reasonable hours without charge. The trees should be protected, as well as being made known to the public.

Cooking in a Different Way ‐ Potato Cakes

This is a Sunday morning treat served with poached eggs, wilted spinach and fresh baby tomatoes. Dulse Seaweed has long been used as a vegan alternative to bacon with its salty, smoky, bacon taste, so works well in this recipe.




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