The East London Garden Society

Bougainvillea in Morocco


One of the most beautiful sights in Morocco is the vibrancy and the strength of the Bougainvillea Plant’s colour. It needs little attention and its beauty exceeds all expectation.

As in the gardening world of East London, there is a passion for gardening in some parts of Morocco. The flawless pruning of the orange trees along the avenues provide shape as they wait for the fruit to appear. To pick Maroc oranges at will from a hedge or tree as you pass down a road, is mind boggling.

Austerity in London is causing various parks and gardens not to be attended. There are no water bowsers at the roundabouts as in Morocco, some boroughs are sadly lacking in knowledge and skill when it comes to attending the natural world. The trees needing pruning, not pollarding, and plants need to be tended, not maintained by the electric ‘one-suits-all’ cutting machines.

Morocco bans all plastic bags having manufactured an agreeable alternative, which is better for the environment. It is also far more caring than many London Boroughs by providing the local population with colourful, well‐tended, municipal areas. We can all learn from the way other countries provide well cultivated public spaces, especially from local authorities such as Agadir which must have lower finance available than a London Borough. But, it is the utilisation of the funding and using the best skills which provides the difference.

Morocco is not perfect with its garden management and has many naturals factor which affect the way plants survive. However, there is thought in their process, the orange trees and the Bougainvillea are well managed, whereas the fruit trees in East London are not cared for to the same extent, and some public areas show a total lack of initiative.