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Protect Haggerston Park

Haggerston Park

A Planning and Premises License application has been made for an event that lasts four weeks (thirty‐nine continuous and consecutive days) in Haggerston Park. This event will be run for profit by Winter South Ltd (a commercial entity) associated with Winterville and Loudsound.

The proposed designated arena will take up to half of the main area of the park for six weeks from mid‐November 2017 to mid‐January 2018. A massive enclosure will take away valued green space for park users, dog walking, sports and recreation and of course, simple enjoyment of what is normally quiet, open air, grassed area.

It will run for up to seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. with a license for loud music which includes live bands and amplified music with no proposed soundproofed enclosure, several bars serving alcohol, entertainment, office parties and corporate hospitality with a capacity of up to 4,999 people.

This commercial event for this duration is totally inappropriate for this small and precious park. The local business community already offers many cultural activities with good access to bars in Shoreditch and in local bars and cafes all around the park. Why should the park users be disadvantaged by bringing this sort of commercial activity into the park for the profit of Winter South Ltd where it takes up half of our open area of green space?

If planning and licensed permission is granted for this event, Winter South Ltd will be licensed to run similar events every year for the same duration. A precedent will not only be set but will be licensed in perpetuity.

The event is promoted as ‘free’ to get into the enclosure but once within it, there will be paid ticketed box office events, several commercial bars serving alcohol and other beverages, all for profit for Winter South Ltd. According to Hackney Council’s policy statements, Haggerston Park should not be used for this type of event.

If this application is approved, Haggerston Park will be trampled by three months of Winterville, erecting an ice rink, a panto show, plus all kinds of winter festivities. It is widely recognised that ground should always lay fallow in order that it may recover. The general rulle is that after a weekend of determined use, the ground should have thirty days of rest. With Winterville, we are talking of a three‐month period in one of the best‐looking parks in east London. Consequently, it will need months to recover from the damage done.

For this reason, most winter festivals are held on hard landscaping, not in parkland. It is believed that most people do not wish to see the end of one of their parks, especially since the licence given may include this to be an annual event.

Please support the campaign on behalf of the people wishing to see the survival of Haggerston Park by opposing this application via any of or all the following methods: