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Aloe Vera


Aloes are members of the Lily family (Liliaceae) and relatives of such common plants as tulips, Easter lilies, and asparagus.

Aloe grows well in Florida and likes hot, well-drained soils and full sun or part shade. It makes a sturdy, long‐lived houseplant and indoors it likes sunlight to dry out between watering and is easy to grow.

Aloe has been used medicinally in ancient Egypt and Greece and is traditionally used to sooth sunburn, insect bites and small wounds. Aloe gel might also be effective in treating psoriasis, seborrhoea, dandruff, minor burns and skin abrasions as well as radiation‐induced skin injuries. Cut a small piece of leaf off, open it up so that the insides are revealed and rub the juice on the affected part of the skin.

Every household should keep at least one aloe plant to treat skin conditions, burns and insect bites.