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Hackney Council has applied to build on Shoreditch Park. Worryingly, the justification is that the tennis courts they propose building on are not 'green space' but can be regarded at ‘previously developed land’ because they are hardstanding. They have also argued that they will create ‘public realm, a public square and planting’ in the development which makes up for the loss of space in the park, when it clearly does not.

These justifications have implications for ALL London’s parks, so please take two minutes to email the council at with a copy to by 6 November 2018 and object to this application.

The following is an example of what you might like to say:

Dear Hackney Planning Committee
Re: application 2018/0926
I strongly object to the above application on the following grounds:
The proposed development will mean building on a park, and one in an area of deficiency of open space I do not accept that the re‐provision of space elsewhere is equivalent: it will not genuinely be part of the park.
The application contravenes local and London Plan policy on open space. The fact that the tennis courts are hardstanding does not mean that they can be regarded as ‘previously developed land’. A part of a park being ‘hardstanding’ is not a justification for it being built on. All parks in London have an element of hardstanding.

Thank you for your support
Alice Roberts
Head of Green Space Campaigns