The East London Garden Society

Safeguard our Community Growing Spaces

With cities becoming more densely populated, fewer people are likely to have their own gardens in the future. Community gardens are the solution to this, offering safe, healthy open spaces for all. But many small, and not so small, community growing spaces are under threat from development. Cordwainers Grow believe we can all do something to help.

Beyond traditional politics, we can make ourselves stronger by uniting and creating our own plan to protect these small green oases squeezed in between the hard‐urban landscapes. Cordwainers Grow is joining forces with other community growers and gardens in Hackney, such as Daubeney Community Garden and Dalston Eastern Curve to create a manifesto for these vital places.

Cordwainers Grow think that more people need to know about the huge benefits of community growing which includes improved mental, physical, social and even political health as well as increasing biodiversity and providing habitat for nature.

As well as proclaiming the wonders of community gardens, they want to be able to support more gardens to be open to their residents and ensure they are welcoming and accessible to all of the community.

These places may look like scraps of expensive land to a developer, but they are important to the long‐term health of our communities and ways to protect them for the future must be found. Successful communities are about more than just bricks and mortar or, increasingly, concrete and glass which is less environmentally friendly.

If the Council and other developers create over‐crowded, unhealthy environments and take away our small, loved public green spaces, they are building up trouble for the future such as increased rates of obesity, mental health problems and antisocial behaviour. Cordwainers Grow believe community gardens can strengthen the environment and the very core of our communities.

Cordwainers Grow held a Manifesto Brainstorm in May 2018 and plan to publish the manifesto during London National Park City week in July. If you’d like to be involved please email