The East London Garden Society

Parks and Green Spaces

A landmark meeting was held 25 October 2016 at the Town Hall, London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Representatives of parks and green spaces in the borough met with policy makers to inaugurate a Parks and Green Spaces Forum. Under a previous administration the Parks Department was disbanded and merged into the Arts & Leisure Department. This has resulted in parks and green spaces plus environmental issues becoming poorly serviced by the council. This is especially shown by the poor maintenance of the parks, flower beds and other green spaces.

Each London Borough has a similar amount of funding from the Government but it’s up to individual councils to determine their priorities. Unfortunately, the London Borough of Tower Hamlets has placed little effort on the parks and green spaces of the Borough so it will incur a larger amount of funding to bring the borough’s environment up to the standards of other London boroughs.

The Parks and Green Spaces Forum is a step forward in ensuring that the environment in this part of east London is being taken seriously.