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Paradise Gardens

Paradise Gardens

Paradise Gardens, located in central Bethnal Green, is a grade II listed garden which has been compromised with the rebuilding of The Mission Church but has never been a paradise or a garden.

Since funds are available for the re‐modelling of the area, we now have a chance to look at it once more. Few people were aware of a public consultation which has now closed but perhaps there may be further public exposure of the plans once they are published.

At this stage, since it is a grade II listed garden, any plans must adhere to the grade II status, which require that any changes must be improvements and not a radical revamp or change to the integrity of the gardens. Further consideration must have emphasis on the other gardens within Bethnal Green since they all need improving. To improve one without the others, may lead to a visual disparity.

We can only hope that the designs will be scrutinised by The Heritage Authority which gave this area its distinction, enabling this historic area of Bethnal Green to remain for future generations.