The East London Garden Society

My Gardens

I have been using gardens at various boarded up houses in Woolmore Street. It was hard work clearing the rubbish that people had dumped and it took me a weekend to clear the gardens of over grown plants.

I have grown zucchini which my daughter wants with prawns, a couple of broad beans but these have got black insects on them, and I planted green pumpkin. I have also planted runner beans.

I have two cucumber plants which I obtained from Spitalfields Farm, some sun flowers and egg plants but am not sure if I am going to get any egg plants. I also have a couple of Asian plants but don’t know what vegetables these are.

One radish has grown and two others just have leaves. I planted out of date, mouldy cherry tomatoes and they too are growing so I have started to separate them. These will soon be everywhere as each tomato is producing about six to eight plants.

I have also found that coriander seeds are really hard to grow and take forever.
By Azezzun Zahraah