The East London Garden Society

London Flower Show

The Concept

Gardening is the second largest hobby in the United Kingdom and has many benefits as noted by the medical profession. It also produces a great deal of satisfaction when people undertake gardening for themselves.

Outside London there are many flower shows, such as Harrogate and Cardiff. In London some local garden societies run their own flower shows but there has never been a ‘best in London’ Show. Admittedly there is London in Bloom, but this competition is managed by local authorities, some of whom don’t engage, and others have pulled out due to funding cuts.

The idea is to find the best in London, encompassing all who have a passion for growing including all aspects of gardening. There would be prizes which will empower the individual as well as groups. The aim is to encourage gardening, at whatever age, to improve our environment whilst understanding the beauty and power of plants to create a ‘from the ground to jar’ mentality to show that what you grow you can also eat.

The London Flower Show would be a competition, the like of which has not been seen before. Following the recently launched and successful North West of England Flower Show, London should also encourage people to be involved in their environment.

The Competition

It will be a competition for the best of what is grown in London and this may also include the best of what artistically may be achieved, whether through the painted arts, or the garden arts, such as sculpture. All will be welcome to compete in the competition to find what is achievable in London.

The Event

The London Flower Show is to be an annual event on The Wormwood Scrubs, untaken by an event group, such as Continental Drifts who are well established in event management. The set‐up costs are estimated to be in the region of £150,000 to £200,000 and all gardening groups, as well as passionate individuals will be invited to show and enter the competition. Whether an administration fee will be added, is to be decided by the governing committee.

The event will include exhibition space for individuals and companies involved with the general gardening industry to maximise revenue, and there will be an entrance fee at a level to enable all to attend.

At this moment in time there is no comparable garden show in London, the major competition being Chelsea or Hampton Court but Chelsea has an international flavour and Hampton Court is a national event.

The event is to establish and explore produce made in London, whether it be drink, cheese, bread, honey etc, and there will be an area where all London produce can be exhibited.

Children will also be encouraged to show their gardening or art skills to provide a cleaner environment.

Watch this space for further information about this exciting project!