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The Limehouse Triangle

Limehouse Triangle

Council developers ran into trouble last time over the controversial green patch in Salmon Lane, next to the Regent’s Canal, where they had cleared the land ahead of the original planning application in October 2016.

Campaigner Alicia Joseph who led a delegation to the town hall pointed out that building on the green space would put a nine‐storey tower block just yards from other homes with families having their bedrooms and living rooms directly facing it. Furious Tower Hamlets Council members finally rejected the scheme in January 2017 after learning the authority’s own housing department breached planning rules to get rid of a biodiversity reserve by cutting down mature trees and hedgerows months before the application on the land owned by the council itself.

Now the council’s own housing organisation is back again with fresh plans to build two blocks with seventeen flats, much to the anger of neighbours. The triangle is part of a green corridor from Mile End to Limehouse and this small open space is part of the green corridor of feeding stations for birds and wildlife which was designated part of the council’s own ‘Biodiversity 2000’ plan seventeen years ago but when it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

The council paid for hedges and trees to be planted in the Triangle by means of a community planting project in 2000, but neighbours claim maintenance has been forgotten over the years so they have launched another online petition to stop the scheme.

The campaigners insist they are not against new developments to help the east End’s housing shortage, but point out that there is ‘brownfield’ land available that is more suitable and would not be at the cost of the quality of life or at the cost of biodiversity. The Limehouse Triangle is also a refuge for a neighbourhood which is so close to the A13 Commercial Road.

It is unfortunate that councils of all faiths are determined not to adhere to their own remit and fail to represent and listen to the electorate.