The East London Garden Society

Council Tower Block on Limehouse Triangle

The way Tower Hamlets Council has breached its own planning rules to get rid of a biodiversity green space and build another tower block in London’s East End has been slammed as ‘underhanded’.

The authority’s own planning committee has thrown out an application to build a nine‐storey tower next to the Regent’s Canal conservation area on a wildlife ‘feeding station’, known as the Limehouse Triangle, after discovering the land had already been cleared.

Mature trees and hedgerows were cut down last May on land that is owned by the Council. This was done months before the application itself.

If a private developer had done this in advance of a planning application, they’d have been heavily criticised. This area has been mismanaged for years by Tower Hamlets Homes, creating a situation where waste land is available to build on. It should be restored to a publicly accessible open space, with trees and flowers.