The East London Garden Society

Kohlrabi: A Growing Guide

This mild cabbage like vegetable is great for salads and stir‐fry.

Kohlrabi looks like a turnip growing above ground. It is a cabbage family member so it is no surprise that the edible white, green, or purple bulbs (which are actually swollen stems) have a cabbage/turnip taste.

However Kohlrabi is milder and sweeter than either of those vegetables. Kohlrabi grows in loose, average soil. For a spring crop directly sow the seeds four to six weeks before the last average frost and plant ¼ inch deep with ten seeds per foot. Or start seedlings for an autumn crop indoors six to eight weeks before the last average frost.

When seedlings are around four inches tall, either transplant or thin the plants to five inches apart in rows of one foot apart.

Keep plants well watered and free of weeds and put down a mulch to help accomplish both tasks. Cultivate carefully to avoid damaging the delicate, shallow roots.

Use young leaves in salads and stir-fries. Harvest immature bulbs when they are no more than two inches in diameter by cutting the stems one inch below the swollen stem.

Remove the leaf stems and leaves and use the remaining stem as you would turnips.

Kohlrabi will keep for several weeks in the refrigerator.