The East London Garden Society

Letter to Mayor John Biggs & Reply

The  following  letter was sent to John Biggs, Mayor of Tower Hamlets, from the East London Garden Society

“Three years ago, The East London Garden Society identified the East London Boroughs who paid most attention to their green spaces. Tower Hamlets came bottom of the list, with Waltham Forest in first position and Islington a close second.

In view of the green spaces forum and the ongoing consultation by Tower Hamlets Council, The East London Garden Society has again identified how the borough compares with other councils that have far fewer green spaces than Tower Hamlets.

The result of this review is as follows:

  • If Tower Hamlets trebled its spending on green spaces in the borough, it would still not reach the level that Islington spends.
  • Should Tower Hamlets double its spending on green spaces, it would not reach the level that Camden spends, yet they have the fewest green spaces in the London area.

Mr Mayor, I bring this to your attention so that you are fully aware of the position, as well as pointing out that the consultation on green spaces within the borough, has broadened the remit.

We also feel it necessary to point out that, on Stephen Murray›s admission, the council›s website is inaccurate regarding the information concerning the parks and green spaces. And, that there appears to be no inclination to alter the information given.

Perhaps it would be wise to undertake a review of the Council›s website.”

Reply from Mayor John Biggs

The following reply has been received from Tower Hamlets Council on how the parks and green spaces are financed and an answer to the question as to why Tower Hamlets is bottom of the list of East London Boroughs regarding funding. This was ascertained through the Freedom of Information Act.

The Head of Arts, Parks and Events appears to be in denial regarding this matter and tries to use the survey, to which many of you responded, as justification. After taking a walk around the environment in Tower Hamlets, most local authorities would be saddened by the low level of maintenance undertaken by this borough. The flower bed shown above, is just one illustration of the level of malaise within the borough. Reply from Tower Hamlets Council