The East London Garden Society

The Bishopsgate Goodsyard

The Goodsyard runs from Shoreditch High Street, through to Brick Lane and another plan has been put forward for its redevelopment.

The original station closed to passenger traffic in 1875 but reopened six years later as Bishopsgate Goodsyard to provide a freight station serving the eastern ports of England. In 1964 it was damaged by a major fire and millions of pounds worth of goods were destroyed. The Goodsyard was rendered unusable and remained derelict over the next 40 years.

To lessen the effect of the buildings being created, it’s been suggested that a Forest Garden and permaculture school should be placed on top of the listed arches. The idea is to have the largest Forest Garden in Europe which would provide a ‘lung’ for the Shoreditch area.

The East London Garden Society is pushing for the developer to include an iconic park and create a better environment for everyone and in which the community will have a voice.

We are also supporting most environmentalists concerned with urban parks that more trees should be planted. This is in line with National, as well as Local Government ideas.

We are urging those wishing to be involved with the Bishopsgate Goodsyard development to install a self‐maintaining Forest Garden. The pictures below show the present status and what it could look like.