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The Proposed Shoreditch Forest Garden

The Shoreditch Forest Garden has transformed into The Great Eastern Parks Route.

The Bishopsgate Goodsyard Development is contractually bound to create a community park for the benefit of the public realm. After listening to local opinion, it has been decided to have a park that best suits the area, will combat the toxic air we are presently breathing and help climate change.

The park must be self‐sufficient and sustainable. A forest garden would do just that, bringing revenue into the local area and interacting with the community. Suggestions of a plant nursery and/or a central London permaculture school has been mentioned.

This Forest Garden on top of the railway arches in Bishopsgate will be the largest in Europe and will be approximately a mile in length. It was realised that the now disused railway viaduct which serviced The Bishopsgate Goodsyard, might also be made available as a nature adventure commencing in Shoreditch, travelling east through Tower Hamlets and onward into Newham where The River Lea meets The River Thames, taking us through the associated gardens and parks in east London.

The latest diagram (see below) shows the commencement of the route from Shoreditch, but an alternative route would be to approach The Regents Canal and then proceed to where the canal meets The River Thames at The Limehouse Basin.

At last, London boroughs have seen the benefits of this nature adventure.

Forest Garden Route

The strip in the diagram is the disused rail line.

Please support our Crowd Funding scheme to enable the Forest Garden to happen.

See The Bishopsgate Goodsyard for its history and more information about the Forest Garden proposal.

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Reader Comments

13/2/2019 ‐ Inner city folk do not experience the wonders of nature. A forest garden on their doorstep would go a long way to opening their eyes to life beyond the city.