The East London Garden Society

Invasion of the Species

Eucalyptus was brought from¬†Australia to the rest of the world following the¬†Cook expedition in 1770.

We have all heard about the grey squirrel pushing out the red squirrel as well as the Thames and its tributaries being invaded by various types of foreign crayfish and crabs which deny the indigenous population their right to exist.

In the plant world we have the Japanese knotweed but recently there was an enquiry about a eucalyptus tree that was creating havoc. The eucalyptus tree is native to Australia and much beloved by the Koala Bear so do not plant a eucalyptus tree in your garden.

These trees cause major problems for local ecosystems by drawing excessive amounts of water from the soil and grow up to twenty feet per year.
Because of the oils associated with the eucalyptus you should never barbecue near one since it will catch fire. Branches are also prone to fall without notice.

Even if cut down to the root system it will grow back to its previous state, so if you wish to have a eucalyptus for ornamental reasons, beware.