The East London Garden Society

Our Life is Threatened by Air Pollution

Other major world cities have a committment to ban diesel engines within a specific timeframe. The Mayor of London should do the same. All life is threatened by air pollution ‐ animals, humans, plants. Diesel engines are a major contibutory factor to the poor air quality in London.

Motor vehicles emit a complex mixture of airborne pollutants, many of which may have ecological effects. The environment takes a brutal impact from the chemical compounds released into the air. There are obvious effects, like the depletion of the ozone layer and less obvious effects such as damage to plants. The leaves of plants can get clogged with the particles released from vehicle emissions making it hard for the plant to photosynthesize. Many plants are killed off by vehicle exhaust. On the edge of highways there is a certain distance before plants start to grow with vigour.

Our quality of life should be protected against the harmful effects of the diesel engine. In 2017, London breached its legal limits for air quality within the first seven days. Now is the time to take action. Please show your support by signing our Petition to the Mayor of London.