The East London Garden Society

Development at Calders Wharf

Friends of Island Gardens need your help. Using hashtag #investigateCW, they need you to tweet or email the mayoral and councillor candidates asking them to pledge support for them in their battle against the development at Calders Wharf.

With construction of the four‐storey building progressing further each day, it seems hard to believe that the land underneath could still carry official designation as Greater London Parks & Open Space, is listed as an Asset of Community Value and could also still belong to the ‘public’ (or rather, Tower Hamlets).

This prime riverfront land was earmarked as an extension of Island Gardens since the 1950s and, the Friends of Island Gardens believe, still could be, if they can get this matter the attention that it deserves. Some may have thought that the local community had lost its fight at Calders Wharf, but their work has revealed that may not be case.

They’ve written a simple briefing document to help explain it.