The East London Garden Society

The East London Garden Society
Annual Report ‐ March 2017

The East London Garden Society has been in existence since September 2011. Since that time, we have tried to campaign for gardens in East London with varying degrees of success. Some of our campaigns are ongoing. I'm very pleased with our campaign for the flower bed in St Matthews Church, Bethnal Green and the campaign for the garden in St Matthews Row, both of which now seem to be bearing fruit.

It is always tiresome, knowing that for common sense to prevail, there must be a campaign to persuade the authorities to understand both the needs of gardeners, as well as the greater population. This especially applies to the need for a cleaner air environment. The ability of gardens to contribute to a cleaner air environment has been proven in other cities and countries.

It is disappointing that The East London Garden Society is unable to bring a garden show to London in 2017, as potential partners have decided not to grant us the area required. However, this is an ongoing ambition.

Duirng the past year, we have been involved with a film in and around the River Thames that shows the river's beauty and how the garden of the Thames is self-sustaining. The film, called 'The Living Thames', is still in production at the time of writing. The East London Garden Society is recognised as being an authority in the activity of gardening, and will continue to be so.

It has been a wonderful learning journey since we began, and in 2017 we hope to build upon our expertise and work towards a wonderful garden show for London and national gardeners in 2018.

Geoff Juden (Chairman)