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Your Humble Hedgerow

Hedgerow planting

Your humble hedgerow can save the planet with a bit of help from you. We know that trees are the rockstars of climate change, but as Londoners, we could be focussing our spotlight on the more humble hedgerow.

The quieter, smaller hedgerow actually locks up vast amounts of carbon dioxide, and they are easier to slot in around playgrounds, football pitches and paths. They also help to manage the flow of water to reduce flooding and offer animals shelter from extreme weather.

Along with child-friendly blackberries, elderberries, hazelnuts and crab apples they help create mouth-watering jams, pies or drinks. That’s if your precious harvest makes it home before being eaten!

But, for London families who can’t find a local hedgerow, the city’s countryside charity, CPRE London, has won funding to plant 3km of new hedge trees and plants in the capital this autumn. That’s the equivalent length of the Thames from Tower Bridge to Westminster. You just need to let them know where to plant.

CPRE London Director, Anna Taylor, says:

“If you spot some ugly railings that would be better concealed by a hedgerow, or two areas of trees where it would be good to link up with a wildlife corridor, please do get in touch. If we know of a local friends of green space group working nearby we will pass on your suggestion and make them aware that we have funding available to make it happen.

We are looking for sites to plant hedgerows and want local people to let us know where there are opportunities. It is hoped that within a few summers more people will be able to share the fun of foraging as well as benefiting from the cleaner air and greener surroundings that hedgerows naturally provide.”

Simply get in touch by emailing with your suggested site and CPRE will see if they can find a local volunteer group to take on the task. By combining your suggestion with the magic of local volunteers, you'll soon be able to forage more often for hedgerow fruits.