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Shame on Tower Hamlets

Marsh Wall

This picture was recently taken by Cllr Andrew Wood to show where eight trees used to stand on Marsh Wall having been cut down by Tower Hamlets despite the Planning Inspector saying that the trees should be protected since they have an important role in cleaning air. According to Land Registry it is believed that six and possibly eight were on land owned by the Council.

Having seen the Tweet by Cllr Andrew Wood's about the trees in Marsh Wall, The East London Garden Society totally agrees with his sentiments. Tower Hamlets has a default position that trees are an obstacle to progress.

We recently requested through the Freedom of Information procedure for the status of all protected trees in London Boroughs. Tower Hamlets declined to reply within the specified time limit and they have not replied to date.

Whether the trees are at Marsh Wall or the Bethnal Green Chest Hospital site, protected or not they have to go in the eyes of Tower Hamlets. At no time have they determined the level of oxygen that trees give and have made no attempt to replace those removed. Therefore the borough’s oxygen levels will continue to decline. Tower Hamlets are ignoring the current climate emergency and instead follow its own agenda, which is at our cost.

To show Tower Hamlets that the environment is worth saving, we raised a petition for those who believe the local environment must be taken seriously. Please add your support by signing this Petition.

Latest News

Despite Tower Hamlets Council wanting to cut down a 400-year-old Mulberry tree in Bethnal Green for private gain, a legal challenge against them has saved it. The High Court found the council's planning committee had misinterpreted national policy when making its ruling.

Time to make your views known

If you feel strongly about the loss of trees, sign this Petition and also email Mayor Biggs because it is clear that he does not care about the envioronment or the ecological impact the loss of trees will create.

Mayor Biggs - Take Note

A leading Sheffield councillor has admitted "We were wrong" when the Council misled residents about its strategy for felling thousands of street trees in the wake of a damning report by The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman. There are now calls for the leader to quit.

The report found that the Council did not, at times, act with openness and transparency when removing trees across Sheffield, and when dealing with people’s complaints about that work.

Mayor Biggs

The Council had misled the public, misrepresented expert advice, and acted with a lack of honesty.

Mayor Biggs, Mayor of Tower Hamlets, should also take note of this damning report and stop felling status trees in Tower Hamlets against the will of the people he was elected to serve.