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Rodenticide in Public Parks

The East London Garden Society has learnt that it is unwise to place Rodenticide in public parks and gardens to eradicate vermin. Ostensibly total eradication is not possible unless employment is given to The Pied Piper of Hamelin!

Pied Piper

When Rodenticide is used, the local authority uses insufficient measures to warn of its dangers, apart from a notice stating the possible internal haemorrhaging of children and advice about the nearest public health facility.

Yes, we are talking about The London Borough of Tower Hamlets and it is not good enough. Such safety measures might be acceptable in enclosed spaces which are not accessible to the general public, but not in a public park.

Rather than poison a local park, it would surely be wiser to deal with the food source and adopt a better form of management that would avoid the detrimental effect that poison has on wildlife, pets and children. This dangerous practice has occurred in the past, but once again there is a rodent problem in one of The London Borough of Tower Hamlets parks.