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The Urban Tree Festival 2020

Greener community

Recently, The East London Garden Society in conjunction with The Great Eastern Parks Route, provided feedback for The Urban Tree Festival 2020 regarding trees.

The urban tree of whatever age is considered by many to be an obstruction to progress. The Urban Tree Festival 2020 is designed to bring the ‘urban tree’ to the attention of the public and ensure the message regarding there protection is received more clearly.

Therefore, it is important that everybody understands how one tree provides a better environment for us all.

The Urban Tree Festival helps us to recognise how a single tree is essential to creating harmony between nature and humanity for everyone.

Much has been covered by The Urban Tree Festival 2020. Had it not been for lockdown, much more could have been achieved.

The East London Garden Society believes there should be more protection for our trees and have noted that Tree Preservation Orders are regularly undermined. Therefore, enabling people to understand the importance of our trees by means of The Urban Tree Festival is crucial. Such initiatives are needed now more than ever.

Geoffrey Juden
Chairman, The East London Garden Society
July 2020