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Millwall Park Viaduct

Millwall Park Viaduct

Looking very forlorn in Millwall Park is the Millwall Park Viaduct which is situated in Tower Hamlets. The question is what to do with the viaduct and how to make it work for the locals and others.

One scheme which has been put forward is to have twenty allotments on the viaduct, but it does not lend itself to allotments. Another is to have planters on it, but this would require remedial work to meet health and safety requirements for their upkeep.

Another idea which has been put forward is to create a Bee School to give Londoners the opportunity to learn about bees in a more practical way, but critics have stated there would not be enough flora for the bees to pollinate. However, if a meadow was installed across the viaduct there would be. See the proposed plan.

What is your view? Would you like a walk across the viaduct and learn about bees?


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Reader Comments

6/9/2020 (EF)
The bee population is in crisis and so much of our ecosystem (and 15-30% of our food growth) depends on them (and other pollinators). Given the restrictions to allotments/ and meeting health and safety requirements, I agree with the Bee School direction.
I believe most of the space and resources should go towards a meadow, made of British wildflower species (see Habit Aid).
If there is intention for this space to be open to the public, it could become a useful place to inform citizens about biodiversity loss and what we can do to help it, as well as other climate change measures (education, posters, talks, outdoor exhibitions, interactive displays, facts, local campaigns, national local campaigns, tips to reduce carbon footprint, advice and resources to grow plants at home etc).