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Bow Common Gas Works Development

Right to light

Your Help is Urgently Needed

A major development of high density, very tall tower blocks is proposed for the old Bow Common Gas Works site located to the south‐east edge of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. The current size, mass and bulk of the proposal will significantly overshadow and cause damage to the Cemetery Park, local wildlife and neighbouring residents’ homes and gardens.

The council will make a decision on the planning application very soon. We need your help to write as many objections as possible to local planners, councillors and MPs to try and limit the damage this development will have on the local area. Please find information about the plans, how to help and how to object including templates below.

Your objection will count. The Friends of Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park have used a similar public campaign to successfully resist a tall residential development which threatened to damage the nature reserve, a valued public open space.

What You Need to Know

Developers (a Berkeley Group company operating under the name St William Homes LLP) are proposing to build 1,286 new homes on the Bow Common Gas Works site over a minimum construction period of 10 years. The currently vacant site is to be densely packed with very tall buildings and infill housing at the lower levels. The plan for the site includes:

Existing blocks surrounding the Cemetery Park have little to no impact on its unique habitats, as they are located to the north or south‐west. The new development will be located on the south‐east edge of the park and will directly overshadow and damage a large proportion of the site and a lot of local residents’ homes due to the excessive height and density of the tower blocks.

What You Can Do

The Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park (FoTHCP) want to ensure that local residents are aware of the scale of the proposed development, the destructive impact it will have on the park and the local homes which will be forever in its shadow. They’re asking people to write to the Tower Hamlets Planning Team, Local Councillors and elected MPs to raise concerns and file formal objections to the planning application.

They need your help to send emails or letters to let the Council know why protecting the Cemetery Park and your local area is important to you, and the wider community of Tower Hamlets. It is important that each objection is as individual as possible. A variety of personal responses will be heard louder than a series of duplicated templates. Please try and make your email/letter as individual as you can.

To save you time, see the template text which can be used as the basis of your response but please be sure to edit and add to it to personalise the text to your objection.

To assess the strength of local support for this campaign could you please also email your response to

If you’d like to help with the campaign, please email Kenneth Greenway as above.

Thank you for taking the time to Protect our Common Right to Light!