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Food Waste Recycling

Food waste

A new law is to be enacted at the end of 2024 to legislate that all local authorities are to put a scheme in place for food waste recycling.

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets does not have a good record on this topic so The East London Garden Society is working with others to put a scheme in place which involves stakeholders.

We are now far more advanced than ten years ago, so together we are able to do much to recycle food waste. What we propose is that systems are put into place to produce bio-mass from all food wastes which can then be used as a compost on gardens and parks.

The East London Garden Society has been in conversation with Tower Hamlets Council and they currently have no plans on how to proceed in spite of us suggesting that a pilot project should be enacted, which could be cost neutral.

At present, the London Borough of Tower Hamlets is saying "When the law comes in we will do something". This course of action may prove very costly to all council tax payers, with leaseholders bearing most of the cost. We wish to plan ahead, since the law will soon be with us, and have a pilot scheme in readiness for the new legislation.