The East London Garden Society is here to promote urban gardening and to put views forward to protect the environment in which we all live. The Society has come a long way since it was formed in September 2011.

It has acquired expertise in all aspects of gardening, made many friends and has been asked to assist in building gardens as well as teaching gardening to those in East London.

All this has come about as there is a need to promote gardening and provide a more sustainable environment. As an established Society we present gardening to a wide audience so we need others to be involved in whatever way they feel able to assist.

See our Aims and how to Contact Us if you’d like to help.

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ReRooted Residency Workshops & Talks

A series of talks, workshops and events as part of Arbeit Studios artist residency programme.

Silent Walk – 24 April 2024

This walk will offer time to explore being in the moment to increase awareness and find connections with nature in urban surroundings.

See Eventbrite for further information and booking.

Knotted Structures - 28 April 2024

This workshop is an invitation to to use a few simple knots to create large-scale works made by participants.

See Eventbrite for further information and booking.

The Great Eastern Parks Route Walk
Great Eastern Parks route logo

The East London Garden Society continues to encourage walkers to enjoy the beauty of nature within east London by walking the trail named The Great Eastern Parks Route.

Our next walk is on 6 May 2024 (Bank Holiday Monday), from 12.00 hours, commencing at The Bethnal Green Library.

We will learn about the second oldest gardens in London by walking along the end of the soon to be London Highline, through to Meath Gardens. From here we will walk through Victoria Park onto The Greenway and following this to the Channelsea River. We end in West Ham Park.

At West Ham Park we will visit The Newham Green Fair and learn about the 150th birthday this park.

This walk will celebrate the national Park City week in London, bringing together all those who love nature. You will meet others who have a belief that London can be made more desirable if we support the nature we have within its boundaries.

So, join us on the 6 May 2024 and help promote our natural treasures. Remember, walking is good for you. For further information, please email eastlondongardesociety@gmail.com

Book your ticket now.

Food Waste & Reclying

The East London Garden Society works in partnership with the Queen Mary University to produce a report on people's attitudes to food waste.

The report presents a summary of findings from the first stage of the Food Waste Pilot Project.

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Your Humble Hedgerow
Hedgerow planting

Your humble hedgerow can save the planet with a bit of help from you.

If you spot some ugly railings that would be better concealed by a hedgerow, or two areas of trees where it would be good to link up with a wildlife corridor, then you could arrange for a hedgerow to be planted.

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Think Twice
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Think carefully before cutting back your trees. By removing all the branches, young birds are now exposed to their predators.

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Save Lea Marshes Newsletter
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Read the latest Newsletter from Save Lea Marshes.

A new Spitalfields development threatens ecological and flooding disaster.

We Should Plant More Trees
Placeholder Picture

Trees provide many benefits to humans and the ecosystem. Here are five reasons why we should plant more trees.

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Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park
Placeholder Picture

The Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park is an award-winning local charity working to protect, preserve and care for the Cemetery Park.

See their full list of Events and their latest News.

Garden Building & Design

The East London Garden Society is now in a position to offer its services to others. We have the knowledge and ability to design, build and maintain gardens to create people’s wishes for their environment.

Our aim is to promote gardening in every way by working with others who are able to assist. For further information, please Contact Us

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We need to drive home to those who can make change, our determination to improve the environment for all of us in this part of London. We are striving to make the environment in East London to be foremost in people’s minds.

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