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The East London Garden Society is here to promote urban gardening and to put views forward to protect the environment in which we all live.

The East London Garden Society has come a long way since it was formed in September 2011. It has acquired expertise in all aspects of gardening, made many friends and has been asked to assist in building gardens as well as teaching gardening to those in East London. All this has come about as there is a need to promote gardening and provide a more sustainable environment.

As an established Society we present gardening to a wide audience so we need others to be involved in whatever way they feel able to assist. If you’d like to help, please Contact Us

Privacy Policy and Chairman’s Annual Report

Garden Building & Design

The East London Garden Society is now in a position to offer its services to others. We have the knowledge and ability to design, build and maintain gardens to create people’s wishes for their environment.

Our aim is to promote gardening in every way by working with others who are able to assist. For further information, please Contact Us

For more information see About Us

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Plan Bee...Reclaim the Limehouse Triangle for the Community and sign the Petition.

Help us save the Bethnal Green Mulberry Tree and sign the petition.

Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park ‐ full details of their events.

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It’s important that we are all aware of the challenges being placed on the environment worldwide. The East London Garden Society is striving to make the environment in East London to be foremost in people’s minds. We are currently campaigning to make use of the derelict Millwall Park Viaduct, the The Great Eastern Parks Route and to save the Bethnal Green Mulberry Tree which is at least 400 years old and under threat.

We need to drive home to those who can make change, our determination to improve the environment for all of us in this part of London. To do this Geoffrey Juden, Chairman of The East London Garden Society urges you to join us and become a member to show those in power that we have a group of people in East London who want change.

To have your say and take part in creating a more acceptable place for all of us, please JOIN The East London Garden Society now. The subscription is £15 per year.

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