The East London Garden Society


The East London Garden Society is here to promote urban gardening and to put views forward to protect the environment in which we all live.

The East London Garden Society has come a long way since it was formed in September 2011. It has acquired expertise in all aspects of gardening, made many friends and has been asked to assist in building gardens as well as teaching gardening to those in East London. All this has come about as there is a need to promote gardening and provide a more sustainable environment.

As an established Society we present gardening to a wide audience so we need others to be involved in whatever way they feel able to assist. If you’d like to help, please Contact Us

Privacy Policy and Chairman’s Annual Report

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The Voice

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A new garden‐themed opera The Gardeners on 9 September 2019

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Garden Building & Design

The East London Garden Society is now in a position to offer its services to others. We have the knowledge and ability to design, build and maintain gardens to create people’s wishes for their environment.

Our aim is to promote gardening in every way by working with others who are able to assist. For further information, please Contact Us

Help Us

Do you value having someone campaign on your behalf to protect the environment and having access to useful articles about gardening and local environmental matters?

If so, please make a regular or a one-off donation to help us with the cost of maintaining The East London Garden Society. Contributions, big or small, will enable us to continue the Society and provide a valuable service. Thank you.